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Translating Science for Young People

Impact Event at the Royal Society on June 27th

We are pleased to announce that the engagement and impact event held at the Royal Society in London on Monday 27th June, was a great success. The purpose of the event was to communicate the project findings and consider the implications of the findings for teaching science at secondary level and National Curriculum reform.

Curriculum developers, policy-makers, teachers, linguists, and science experts participated in the event and lively discussion ensued on issues such as the origin and development of science metaphors in the teaching of science, and in science educational materials.

Alice Deignan and Elena Semino opened the day with a talk on metaphors and how they shape thIMG_20160627_104610inking and talking.

Alice and Elena’s presentation slides can be accessed here:

Metaphors shape thinking






Indira Banner and Hugh Williets discussed the use of models and analogies in science teaching.

Hugh Williets is a secondary school science teacher at Settle College in Yorkshire.IMG_20160627_110507 We are extremely grateful to Hugh, and to all of the teachers and students who participated in the project.

Indira and Hugh’s slides can be accessed here:

The Use of Models and Analogies for Teaching Science





Shirley Paul gave an overview of the data collected for the project and the methodology used to analyse some of the data.

Her presentation slides can be accessed here:shirleyRS








Michael Reiss from the Institute of Education, University College London gave an inspiring plenary talk on

how both teachers and students translate their knowledge of science. His presentation slides can be accessed here:

Michael Reisse

Translating Climate Science for Young People









Alice Deignan discussed the key metaphor findings from the project. IMG_20160627_105713

Her presentation slides can be accessed here:

Key metaphor findings





Indira Banner and Shirley Paul presented the other key findings from the project relating to young people’s conceptions and alternative conceptions about climate change.

Indira and Shirley’s slides can be accessed here:

Young People’s Conceptions and Alternative Conceptions about Climate





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